Mir taqi mir

Mir Taqi Mir

Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir was born in February 1723 and also known as Mir, was an 18th-century Mughal Indian Urdu poet and one of the founders of the Urdu language. He was one of the principal poets of the Urdu Ghazal Delhi School and is still regarded as one of the Urdu language ‘s finest poets. His Mir Takhallus (pen name). He has spent the last part of his life at Asaf ‘s court.

Mir lived at a time when Urdu language and poetry were at a formative stage – and Mir ‘s instinctive aesthetic sense helped him strike a balance between indigenous thought and modern enrichment from Persian imagery and literature, making up the new elite language known as Rekhta or Hindui.Based on his native Hindustani, he leavened it with a sprinkling of Persian diction and phraseology, and at once developed a clear, natural and elegant poetic language which would lead future generations of poets.

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